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Switzerland E-Currency
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E-Currency Payment System
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PM Exchange Rates

USD / EUR  0.875   |
|   EUR / USD  1.097


USD >> 239.25   |
|    EUR >> 212.00

GOLD Bid Price /oz:

USD >> 1189.524   |
|    EUR >> 1062.407

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I not receive notifications even though the function is switched on?

There might be several reasons for that. First of all, notifications about your transactions might not be sent out if the transaction value was less than US $5. Secondly, your account might not hold enough funds to cover SMS notifications which are 10 cents each. If neither of these reasons explains the problem, please contact our customer service team to find out if there are temporary problems with SMS delivery to your mobile service provider.

What is the Payee list and what can it be used for?

The Payee list is a function which was created for a convenient and organized storage of all the accounts within the system that you have made payments to.

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All Account that belong to US Citizens/Residents/US Companies will be disabled within 15 days

Dear Customers,

In line with our policy, all accounts that belong to US Citizens/Residents/US Companies will be disabled on 1st of July. If you still have funds on your account, please take appropriate and timely steps to withdraw the balance. Please note that after 1st of July, no transactions can be executed at accounts that fall into the above mentioned category.

Please do not postpone taking action to withdraw you balance.

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